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Released worldwide Sat 13th February 2016

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Recorded between May and July 2015, when Lucy was 10 years old, Sweet Child O Mine is her first recording collaboration through Colorado based mentoring site RAMP.


After interviewing her for KRFC Radio in Fort Collins Co, Vincent Burkardt at RAMP introduced Lucy to 10 year old Colorado singer-songwriter Emma MarieUsing social media and with support from family and music teachers, at a distance of 5,000 miles and despite never having met or performed together, the two musicians recorded and produced their cover of Guns n Roses' classic hit from the 1987 album 'Appetite for Destruction.'





Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Lucy Gowen

Vocals: Emma Marie



Backing track courtesy of:


Guitar recorded in London by: Ray Qureshi

Vocals recorded in Colorado by: Jasco Duente at The Recordium, Fort Collins CO


Audio mixed in London by: Ray Qureshi


Filmed in London at Ascape Studios Bromley by: Mark Andreani

Filmed in Colorado at The Downtown Artery Fort Collins by: Taylor Ault,

Andres Jimenez


Edited by Taylor Ault


With thanks to RAMP

Lucy is proud to be endorsed by



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