Gowen Guitars is a project I'm doing with my dad, building and selling custom guitars to order. We're going to concentrate on guitars that we think are the best choice for new or improving guitarists - we want to bring you some of the most playable, flexible sounding and affordable guitars you can get today.


Our 'T-type', above, is available from £349, and shortly the 'LG' will be available too from £389, both collected from us in London UK. And we can ship worldwide!

After experimenting customising my own guitars for over 7 years now we think found the best suppliers of the best value for money components, which means that our standard level instruments are easily equal or better than mid-range guitars from bigger brands.

For more experienced or gigging guitarists we offer a range of hardware or electrics enhancements - and if there's a manufacturer or specific part that you'd like to have included in your Gowen guitar that we don't have listed, just contact us for a customised spec guitar.

All our guitars include a 'luthier set-up' of the instrument in their default pricing -  we start by doing a 'workshop' set-up for string action and intonation; then we'll get your guitar 'luthier set-up' by one of London's most experienced guitar builders. But if you'd prefer to get your own luthier to set up your guitar, or set it up yourself after it's been shipped to you, just request the cost of the 'luthier set-up' to be deducted from the cost you pay, when you order.

Watch this page or the links below for more details of guitars available to buy and more pictures and videos, which we'll be adding soon!

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